Monday, March 14, 2011

Our first day

Today was amazing. I can't even start to explain how I am feeling. After we arrived in Haiti we went to the guesthouse and got settled. Then we headed out to the tent city. The tent city was like nothing I have ever experienced before. It smelt, there was garbage everywhere and the floor was mud. We walked around and I noticed that all the people living in the tent cities were happy and smiling. It broke my heart to see that they have nothing and yet they can be so joyful. I wondered why I am so fortunate, living in the top two percent of the world's wealth, but 90 minutes away is the bottom three percent of the world's wealth. As we were in the tent city we walked towards the back and there was a playground. A ton of boys were playing soccer with a worn out, squished dodge ball. They shouted and screamed in delight when they made a goal. They were so innocent and precious. A girl came over to me and wanted me to pick her up. She stayed in my arms up until the second we had to leave the tent city. Tomorrow is water truck day, I am looking foward to the rest of my journey in Haiti.

Shannon Murphy
Healing Haiti Team Member

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