Thursday, September 29, 2011

Four days to go and He is in control!!

Today is Thursday September 29th and in four days I get to be back in the country that I love! Most trips that I take to Haiti are planned with my best friend Lisa or are scheduled with the hopes that my husband will be along side me, but not this time. God has yet again amazed me with His plans and the path that He has paved for me. It was only in June that I got to travel to Haiti, and through Gods gracious love and power, I get to go back to where I feel so called to be.

I have to admit, I was very nervous at first going with a new organization and with people that I have never met before. But once I met these amazing women and men of God I was jumping for joy at the opportunity to go with them and learn from them. I am the youngest person on the trip and I am excited to learn from these women who seem to have such huge hearts and love for others and God. I have met with Julie a few times now, and emailed her a lot and already am amazed at how God has worked through her. She is so incredibly on top of things and I feel honored that she so graciously opened up her group to let me in. I have never been with Healing Haiti and I cannot wait to see what God is doing through this organization and how He is going to use each person on this team!

Since Monday I have felt so overwhelmed with trying to get things organized around my house and with packing. I have felt this weight on my shoulders and this panic to have everything in place. I am worried about leaving my husband, and how we should be saving money instead of spending it on this trip. I have been having anxiety about the winter coming and my yard and house not being prepared for it. I was starting to have overwhelming thoughts about work and putting all my hours in.

Then the last couple of days I took some time to pray, talked to my husband, called Kim my "partner" for the trip, worked out, and spent time with my family. I also put on my CD in the car and just listened to the calming words God spoke to me. As I drove home tonight from my uncles house I realized how foolish my thoughts were and how easily I can get caught in the devils tricks!!!
I am an extremely fortunate person who has been given one of the best opportunities to serve the most amazing and wonderful God. I am so extremely blessed financially...I never miss a meal, I have a house and both my husband and I own car. Why the thoughts of not giving money to this trip came through my head is beyond me I get to spend time with Godly women and I get to be pushed by God to grow in my faith on this trip!
I have already grown in my faith during this process and cannot wait for this trip!
One of the songs that I listened to in my car was From the Inside Out, by Hillsong. As I go into this trip and through out it I will remember these words....
"My heart and soul, I give you control, consume me from the inside out"
These last couple of days I have tried to take control, and that produced fear and anxiety, now that I have placed my trust in God again I find I am elated to go and can hear God again pushing my own degrading thoughts out of my head.

Thanks for your prayers and support! Please continue to follow what is taking place through this team in Haiti. This trip would not be possible without so many of you! Whatever we do in Haiti, is because of what you all have given us through your gifts, love, and prayers!

Healing Haiti Team Member

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