Monday, March 11, 2013

We Made It - by Audrey Sexson

Today we went to Haiti. We woke up at 3 am so that we could make our flight. The first flight took a long time, but the second was much shorter. As our team gathered for lunch the excitement grew. For some of us this would be our first time and other members of the team were returning. Once we got to Haiti we were greeted by the Haitian staff. They were all smiling and gave us big hugs. We took a bumpy ride in the top-top to the guest house. When we got to the guest house we had a great dinner as a group, all 18 of us. Next we went outside to play soccer with some of the local kids. The soccer was a crazy game of keep away…Americans vs. Haitians. We were surprisingly good, but still were slightly outmatched. Unfortunately it got dark fast and we had to go inside, but the kids seemed really happy and we are excited to play with them more this week. After, we had our first round of devotionals as a group. We are looking forward to a great week of sharing God’s love. 

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