Monday, April 2, 2012

What an awesome time at Notre Maison! I was lucky enough to spend 3 days with Getrude and the kids, before joining the team today. Delivered a wheelchair for children with cerebral palsy, assessed the 4 new children at Notre Maison, played messenger for the 3 w's who are waiting for ttheir adoption papers to be signed, taught some dyslexia therapy, visited 2 hospitals in Leogane, and played with this kids as much as possible! So great to be back with my friends!

Now time to concentrate on getting to know my care ministry team! I'm so excited to meet people who I can share my passion wtih, and to serve together. Looking forward to getting to know the children at Grace Village better, and seeing all the progress.

And it's Easter week; the festivities have already started, the music is playing, and the kids are off of school. We have an Easter egg hunt planned, and lots of games and singing.

I know the week will end too soon, but excited to see how God will use us for His purpose.

Until tomorrow!

Karen Allen Failinger

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