Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday June 21st: Elderly, Grace Village & Isaiah's

Friday, June 21

     Today was a very exhausting, emotional, busy and HOT day. We started off by making a trip to the street market to pick up food for the elderly we were going to be visiting, and OH MY was that ever an experience! It can't easily be described in words. It was packed full with people, animals of all sorts, piles of vegetables, fruits, rice, drinks, and everything else anyone could think of to try and sell.  We followed closely and quickly behind Wilson (our translator) on a very, very tiny path.  After we purchased some water, rice and beans, we headed on yet another bumpy, hilly, windy ride. 

At the market in Titanyen
     All of our 4 visits humbled us beyond words.  The living conditions consisted of basically one room with a bed.  Hot, stifling, and dirty.  Yet, they smile.  They sing praises.  They are so thankful for our visit.  We sing with them, pray with them, and rub lotion on their dry skin.  

Visiting Filozia
Jude Jean Paul who is 20 years old and has been paralyzed since he was 8. 
     Next, we got to drive up the mountain to Grace Village, it was the first time for most of us to ever see it.  We were amazed.  It was huge, beautiful, so well thought out, and best of all, filled with happy, happy children.  Again, words and pictures can't describe it very well at all.  We have SEEN pictures, we have heard it described, and yet our jaws hit the ground at the sight of it.  Best of all, was the tour to hear about the big picture plans, and the ways they are looking to BLESS the community, not just be the cool place on the hill. We can't wait to go back on Sunday.
Grace Village kidos playing on the tap-tap

Girls at GV who got a new doll from the donations we brought. 
     Our last stop of the day, was at Isaiah's orphanage.  It was different from the others we have visited.  The majority of the kids there were older, and it was a bit harder to connect with them.  The key word while we were there was HOT.  The place they have to play is in direct sun, and surrounded by cement, and we literally felt like we were in a pizza oven.  Even through that we were still able to get some jump roping, cat's cradle, Jenga, chalk, and badminton time in.  Of course Wilson always ends our time with some fun songs that the kids totally get into.  

     It was great to end the day with a shower (we are spoiled.....they get NO BREAK from the heat) and some great worship along with many laughs from FanFan.  Our time here is getting shorter, and we are not ready for it to be over.  

Kate and Karen (  but mostly Kate:)  )




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