Saturday, June 22, 2013

Saturday June 22

We woke up this morning and loaded into the tap tap with Michael, the photographer.  We visited the boys soccer program in Cite Soleil and met the U14 team that will be traveling to Blaine for the USA cup in July.  We lost miserably in our scrimmage against them.  The boys were crushing us with their foot skills, despite the gravel field.

Afterwords, we traveled to stop 19 to deliver water to the people in Cite Soleil.  It was complete chaos. People seemed more desperate today and refused to even wait in line.  We created a wall of workers and were shoving and shouting at people to form order.  Stop 21 was less aggressive.  The children were playful and loved dousing us in cups of water.  One crying boy and his mother came to us towards the end.  The boy had a large gash on his head and was bleeding.  We gave first aid on the tap tap, but we weren't able to take him to the hospital.  

After arriving home, we prepared the guesthouse to feed 75.  The younger children from Grace Village came, and we had a big party.  We danced, sang, and played before having a delicious taco dinner.  

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