Friday, June 21, 2013

Thursday June 20th: Apparent Project, Juno's & Soccer!

Today we had an early morning and we got up to go to church at 6am. It was very interesting to see how the Haitian culture worships and expresses their love for God.

After that we went to the Apparent Project and got some cool souvenirs and a refreshing drink. The Apparent Project has Haitians make stuff and then sell it with their story attached to a little tag on the product. They are helping to provide jobs to families so that they don't give up their kids to orphanages.
Maddie, Brianna, Tori, Amanda & Hannah

Later we went to Juno's orphanage and played games like volleyball, made duct tape bracelets and purses, and colored with chalk. The living conditions were bad but, it didn't seem to affect the kids joy and love for God. The kids spent a few minutes at the end performing a few little songs with actions.

Group picture at Juno's

Taite & Tori with FMSC food at Juno's Orphanage

Then we took some of the neighborhood boys to go play soccer at a big soccer field. The boys are very good but us girls still were able to play and we ended up tying 2-2 (with the help of Hannah, Kate, and a few Haitian boys)
Soccer with the boys!!

After that we went for a nice refreshing swim at the Palm Inn Hotel. We had a fun time jumping in and competing with one another.

Taite, Tori & Maddie

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