Thursday, June 13, 2013

Leaving Monday June 17th

Hello Everyone!

My name is Kari Bristol and I am one of the leaders for this AMAZING Mother-Daughter trip. I am the only mother who is not taking her daughter on the trip. My daughter is only 7 but I can't wait to bring her once she reaches the age requirement.

This will be my 7th trip to Haiti and this is the trip that I have been looking forward to for over a year. I have been leading a youth small group at Eagle Brook Church for 4 years. I started leading when the girls were in 6th grade.

Here is a picture from our 7th grade group:
Taite, Maddie B., & Kate in the left hand corner

And a few great ones from 8th grade:
Kate, Tori, Maddie B. & Taite
Kate & Brianna

And a blurry one from this past year in 9th grade at our Christmas present exchange: 
Taite, Brianna, Maddie B. & Kate
We have had lots of fun times together. I love listening to the girls share stories. Some of my favorites were about their Spanish teacher their 8th grade year. I thought this teachers should have her own reality show because it would be hilarious! ;) Their depth of faith inspires me every time we meet together. 

So I put out the invitation last summer to all the girls and their moms to come to Haiti this summer. Brianna, Kate, Taite, Maddie B. & Tori all got their mom's to accept the invitation. Although it didn't take much arm twisting because each mom shared a similar story about a tugging from God on their heart to go on a missions trip and each of them felt this opportunity to share it with their daughter was perfect timing.

Lastly was my quest to find the perfect co-leader. Over the past few years I have been volunteering with Julie Sexon who is a board member for Healing Haiti and in charge of the care ministry aspects of Healing Haiti. I traveled with her on an advocate trip last October and we were in Bible study all of this past school year together studying James & Nehemiah. 
Julie, Anne & I made a meal for the long-term missionaries serving at Grace Village in October 2012.
I admire Julie so much and think she is one of the BEST people I have ever met so it seemed like a natural fit to ask her to co-lead with me. And she said Yes! :) Her daughter Amanda who is 17 has been to Haiti as many times as me. They invited their friends Shelli & Hannah and the team was set! 

Top Row: Me, Shelley, Karen, Deb, Kim, Shelli, Julie & Beth
Bottom Row: Brianna, Kate, Tori, Maddie, Hannah, Amanda & Taite

So our team is ready to depart from Haiti on Monday June 17th and we would ask for your prayers. Pray that God would break our hearts for what breaks His, pray that these mom's and daughters would continue to build a strong bond with one another, and pray that we would all figure out what God is trying to teach us through this amazing opportunity serving in the poorest country in the world (

Thanks to all of you who have contributed financially to make this trip happen for each of us and for your prayers throughout next week.

Check back here often to hear about how our trip is going.

Bless God,

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  1. This sounds like such an amazing mission! Can't wait to hear updates and see how God is using all of you :) Prayers!!